Suicide attempt survivor. Mental Health Advocate. Human.

I was in 4th grade when I started cutting myself, a freshman in high school when I attempted suicide, and it wasn't until after college that I realized I will always have depression and will always struggle with suicidal thoughts.

I have always been vocal about my journey, thanks to my mother's outspokenness. In the process of sharing my story, I began to realize that others don't have a voice.  This taboo subject is uncomfortable and hard to understand, but talking about it SAVES LIFES.

I always say that if we can talk about pooping, then we can talk about mental illnesses.

Born and raised in Nebraska, I grew up with the best parents someone with my brain could have.  I grew up in a small town, then moved to Omaha for college right after high school. I have a B.A. in Communication and am working on my M.A. in Leadership.

I love a good glass of wine, beer or whiskey. I am a connoisseur of all food, and enjoy experimenting in my own kitchen as well. I love animals an sometimes start crying when I see a cute kitty or doggo. I love pottery, crocheting, yoga, music, being outside, my cat Taco, spending time with my family and adorable nephew, and meeting new people. 

I live to help others, and I can do that by sharing my story.


It all started when I went to England for two weeks once.

I was paired with two amazing woman to share a room with. Little did I know that we would have so much in common. We all suffered from depression and anxiety and we all had our run arounds with suicide.

That trip is one I will never forget.

I found myself in Europe.

I knew who I was to become, and who I had to stop pretending to be.

I knew I had to keep talking about it.

I have a loud voice and I use it to kill the stigma that comes with mental illnesses and suicide.

Talking about it saves lives.

So let's talk.