Pills and Jesus

I am now doing what I told myself I would do months ago.

It's what I wanted to do years ago, but the timing wasn't right.

I've talked about my struggle with depression and anxiety with close friends, family, and a few groups at various camps.

But in my whole life of struggling with this disease, 

I have never said the words that have haunted me my whole life.

The words that I denied for so long,

and ignored because I was "fine."


I am a suicide attempt surviver and I am going to talk about the damn thing.

Every time I do talk about it, it amazes me how many people were in my exact shoes.

So many people sat in the hospital bed like I did. 

So many people were and are ashamed of what happened to them.

And so many family members and loved ones are confused.


I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am going to tell everyone and anyone I can. 

I'm going to explain how I get through each day with help from pills and Jesus.

I am going to freaking talk about it.